We are engaged in manufacturing, supplying, trading, wholesaling and retailing a variety of Aluminium and Zinc Anodes. Our products, used for various marine applications, protect ship hulls, ballast tanks, jetties, pipelines and offshore structures.
Zinc Anodes
Aluminium Anodes
Zinc Hull Anodes
Zinc Tank Anodes
Aluminium Hull Anodes
Aluminium Tank Anodes
Zinc Engine Anodes
Steel Zinc Anodes
Sacrificial Zinc Anodes
Sacrificial Aluminium Anode
Zinc Rod
Zinc Strip
Brass Plugs
Zinc Pencil
Gunmetal Bronze Castings
Non Ferrous Metals Casting
Zinc Anodes for Ship Hull
Aluminium Anodes for Ballast Tanks
Zinc Hull Anodes for Pipelines
Lead Sheets
Copper Sheet
Brass Sheet
Zinc Sheet
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